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Thank you, Magic Castle!

If you've been following this blog, you know I was performing at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA this past weekend! It was such a surreal experience. I've dreamed of performing there for years, and Tannen's Magic Camp Week made it come true!

I performed four brunch shows on Saturday and four brunch shows on Sunday and gave a 2-hour lecture on Sunday afternoon! The audiences were terrific, and I had so much fun!

I feel so lucky to have had such an incredible opportunity. I saw some truly fabulous magic with even more fabulous people. I sincerely hope I get the chance to perform again in the future!

This was an extra unique trip for another big reason, too. If you've spoken to me more than once, I have probably bragged about my goddaughter, Abi. She's a young magician as well as an incredible writer. She's also a big inspiration for some of my philosophies when it comes to sharing magic. She was my partner in crime and assistant on stage for all the performances and she also wrote the notes that the magicians were able to purchase after the lecture in case they wanted to go home and continue learning what I spoke about. She got to see me perform and check off a bucket list item and be my rock* that kept me grounded the whole time. I love this kid to the moon and back and to share this trip with her specifically was a once-in-a-lifetime moment I will remember as long as I live.


The highlight of the trip for me was being able to lecture. It was well received and I really felt like I connected with the viewers! I got to debut my new and improved lecture notes for purchase, and they were a huge hit! I was overjoyed when the magicians asked for my autograph but proud beyond words when they all turned to Abi and asked for hers as well. It's nice to know the rest of the world is getting to see what an amazing human she is firsthand.

In the lecture, I talked about two new items that I am now selling: The lecture notes (which I know I've already mentioned so much... I'm just so proud of them!) and Brooklyn playing cards for a new effect I've been working on, "En Passant". The two of those items are also now available in our online store! I was also selling lots of classic Cresey products after the lecture, at a discounted price! This upcoming weekend, I'll be lecturing again in Salt Lake City, UT at the Utah Art of Magic Festival... If you're in the area or passing through, stop by to say hi and take advantage of the lecture specials!

To see our full inventory, click here.

I would never have gotten to where I am without the people I met through Tannen's Magic Camp. This year, they're celebrating their 50th anniversary! If you know a kid ages 10-20 who loves magic, you should definitely look into camp! Click here for more information!

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