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A Little Something Extra

Hey there friends, family and fellow funny folk! We've got something special for you... No, really, we literally have Something special for you!

Years ago, I started this campaign based around the silicon baking mold in the shape of the word "Something"... if you don't know about it, you've gotta click here to check it out!

For those of you who are already familiar, now's the best time to buy! We've got a LEAP DAY SALE going RIGHT NOW in our online shop! For the next couple of days, you can get 29% off our Something mold to celebrate the 29th of February! Click here to see what we've got, and head over to our Something blog to find the coupon code you need to achieve greatness!!

If you're not following the blog on the Baking Something page, what are you even doing? No, but for real, we've got some big news coming out there in a few weeks, so make sure to check us out regularly!!

Happy Leap Day, everyone! Stay tuned!

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