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A Little About Ourselves 


For over 30 years, Dave Cresey traveled the world providing the finest quality magic products and knowledge to fellow magicians and inspiring magicians-to-be. Cresey built up his brand to become one of the most iconic names in magic paper products.


When,  after a long and illustrious career, he decided to retire, Dave entrusted his business to John Reid, a young magician from New York. John continued to uphold Cresey's original values of integrity, quality, and humanity for the duration of his time as the owner!

After more than 20 years of manufacturing and selling magic products, the business changed hands once again, this time to a young man who worked with John at Cresey for years, Justin Lucas.


Justin is dedicated to the quality and consistency of Cresey products, and he was the perfect fit for the job.  Although John is still part of the Cresey Family and assists heavily with the sales and marketing of all products, Justin has taken the reigns and is full steam ahead carrying on the traditions that have made us the number-one producer of paper magic products for over 40 years.


Today, carries on Dave’s legacy of bringing novice magicians and seasoned illusionists alike the best products the industry has to offer. We've focused on maintaining the quality of service that Dave always strove for, and we like to think it's paid off! 

Our production coils, throw streamers, and other paper products are lovingly hand-manufactured on-site by Justin and his family and shipped all across the world. In addition to our classic coils, snowstorms, and throw streamers, we have assembled a selection of other outstanding and reliable products guaranteed to please both the audience and the performing magician!


John Reid with the worlds largest Production Coil at Magic Live


Dave Cresey and John Reid at the 85th Abbotts Magic Get Together in Colon, Michigan, 2023


Cresey's primary operator, Justin Lucas, if he was trapped in a cartoon world. 

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