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John Reid Takes On Hollywood's Magic Castle

Hey there, fellow fun enthusiasts!

This past weekend I was thrilled to be invited back to perform at the world-famous Hollywood Magic Castle, home of the Academy of Magical Arts! I was able to perform 7 brunch shows, and I had an incredible time!

To top it all off I was there with my Tannen's Magic Camp family! It was the third ever Tannen's Week at the castle, so every performer was an affiliate of my favorite place on Earth! That includes my goddaughter, Abi, who was my assistant for my shows!

It was awesome to get to travel through Vegas, where I have a lot of people to connect with... my goal is to get out West a lot more often!

Speaking of which, I'm still looking at some dates I have available for lectures! If you're interested in hearing about a few of my philosophies on performing, reach out to me and we will set something up!

Hope your spring is going well so far!

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