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Not your mother's lecture: Schedule me now!

Did you know I have a lecture? Did you know I sometimes tour the country giving this lecture? Don't worry, don't worry, you're not in trouble... it's not that kind of lecture. It also doesn't have a test (not that kind of lecture either) but you can take notes, if you'd like!

My lecture, "Bits and Pieces," talks about all the little things, both inside and outside performances, that create the real magic. I talk about my mission, and how to stop just making people better magicians: We need to make magicians better people.

I've brought this all across the country in almost every state, from Maine to Florida, Utah to Texas, Orange County to New Jersey. One of my favorites was when I got to lecture at the Magic Castle in Hollywood (where I'll be performing again at the beginning of April! Check out more on that here!)

The next place I want to lecture is... anywhere you are! I'm now booking lectures all across the country for the rest of the year, so reach out now to secure a place! Here's some more info about Bits and Pieces.

I'm so excited to talk to you all. Stay tuned!


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1 Comment

Francois Crepeau
Francois Crepeau
Mar 18

I just forwarded this post to the Montreal Magic Jam team. I'd love to see your lecture. May the magic STAY with you!

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