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It's like Christmas in August

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

I have decided to give a special treat to anyone who wants to shop early for the Christmas season. Enter the code XMAS at Checkout to get Jumbo Red and Green Coils for only $10 a pack While supplies last, no limit!! Normally $25 a pack, I have decided to cut the price well below any discount I have ever offered before for the next 48 hours. Right now we all need to stay hopeful for The holiday season. Here' hoping our Winter season bounces back strong.

These are the Red and Green option for our Jumbo Production Coils. over 45 feet of coiled red and green tissue white white beginnings and endings. Each Coil is made by hand in the USA with the same attention to detail that has made Cresey the choice for professional use for over 40 years. Produce from your hand or favorite production item. Self working, self contained and highly visual.

Remember let's Spread magic.. Not Germs!

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