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Get the Whole Family Involved- Big Smiles, Big Savings!

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Good morning! Hoping you all had a fabulous Fourth of July! As most of you may know I acquired the Cresey company almost 20 years ago. When I got a letter from Dave Cresey himself saying he was selling the company, I knew there wasn’t any other path. The answer had to be yes. I had to uphold not just Dave's company, but his traditions. In the beginning, a lot of people asked me, "But why?” Truth be told, it was such an easy decision partially because the Cresey product line had been so important in my performance career. I couldn’t imagine how I would adapt if the Cresey line just disappeared. But it was also an easy decision because I thought it would be super cool to have my own magic product! When Justin took over the manufacturing side of the business, he pointed out that coils were his daughter's favorite thing. She said she was able to “make the magic happen”, and I really think that’s part of the appeal to production coils and throw streamers. They are just so easy to execute, it makes it so you can really focus on the performance. Many folks say, “You shouldn’t give an effect like that away to kids, it’s just too good.” But the truth is, nowadays kids can discover the secrets of magic pretty easily with a simple Google search. They find out how a trick was done, and that's the end of it. Unfortunately, there's no real way to stop that from happening, but we can maybe change the narrative for a few: What if… just maybe, we share that secret with them on purpose? What if… just maaayyybe, WE made something designed just for them? We can take all the magic or a production coil and make it fun-sized. That was our thought when we decided to start this project. So after a bunch of work and a bunch of research, we are now offering “Kids Koils”!

Kids Koils come in variety packs that are only $10, containing 6 different colors. They're perfect for an upsell or giveaway after a birthday party! You could teach the child how to perform it, and let them have their own shining moment in your show, or get them a head start into creating a show of their own! There's more! When you buy 48 packs, you save 40%... that’s only $6 each! Perfect for back-of-room sales. But WAIT!!!! There's more AGAIN!!! When you purchase 144 packs, you can save 55%, which is only $4.50 per pack! Stock up and save BIG TIME. BUT WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! I have one more thing to sweeten the pot. If you buy at least 144 packs, this month, before July 31, not only will you save 55%, but I will also custom print the direction inserts with YOUR Logo/Face and Website contact info on the front. Imagine having your own professional product to add to your magic shop, online store, or back-of-room sales table, pre-marketed specifically for you Our Kids Koils are a great start for aspiring young magicians or a great addition to

party entertainers who want to get more kids involved with their show! Remember, the special offer ends at the end of the month... you've got to act now to save big! Email: for any questions or to place your discounted order TODAY! Wishing you a magical month! -John Reid

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