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Looking for Some Help... Who Uses Hat Tears?

Hey there, everyone! We're looking for a little help from performers who use the bonnet style hat tears.

For the past couple years, we've been getting a lot of requests that we bring back our paper hat tears. The ones you can get on the market right now aren't the quality people want, and honestly, they're very tedious to make.

Well, we are happy to report that after two years of working out the production bugs and figuring out who and how to train, we've got someone who made 10 packs! We'd love to send these out for Beta testing.

If you use hat tears and are willing to lend a little bit of a hand,(and maybe even your head )we're talking to YOU! Once we get them up and running, these packs will be about $24 a piece. But as a thank you, you'll only pay $20 for the test pack! We are keeping it to one pack per tester at this point, so we can get a wide variety of feedback! If you're interested, click this link, and the first 10 people will be our lucky testers!

As an incentive, these 10 people will get the chance to purchase higher quantities before the finished product goes live on our online store, and you'll be able to keep the discounted $20 price until the end of the year :-)

Once you give them a try, we want your feedback!! Save this newsletter so you can come back and CLICK THIS LINK to give us your thoughts. :-)

Thanks SO much in advance!! Can't wait to hear what you all have to say!

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