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Happy "Back to the Future" Day! Celebrate with SAVINGS!

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Okay so... you might not know this, but I'm a HUGE "Back to the Future" fan (I even have my very own DeLorean! Her name is Dorris!) and October 21st was the official "Back to the Future" Day!

I know not everyone is as big of a nerd as I am, but you should still celebrate! Lucky for you, I know just how you can do that!

We're going to take a blast to the past... starting today, in honor of "Back to the Future" Day, which is now in the past ironically, until October 31st, when you order our classic, original Regular Multi Mouth Coils, we'll blast the price back to what it was in 2000! You'll be able to get packs for $10 each... the price hasn't been that low in the past 20 years! Just use the code GOBACK at checkout to apply the discount.

There Is NO LIMIT to how many packs you can order and these coils are no longer being made! This is a leftover inventory from ten years ago, brand new just waiting to bring huge smiles to your audience!! These are the older style tye-died paper HERE, that's sure to get you in the spirit for a "Back to the Future" Movie Marathon! Quick, get the popcorn!

Happy shopping!

PS: Check out this DeLorean I made out of balloons almost 20 years ago!

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