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Get your orders in now... prices rising!

Hey there, fellow funny folk!

Due to the crazy inflation of the economy right now, as well as the costs of production, paper, and distribution in general climbing, we will unfortunately need to increase the price of our Cresey mouth coils starting January 30. We haven't had to raise our prices in over a decade, but we want to be able to continue to produce quality products without continuing to take hits from the rising cost of production.

The price will rise from $15 for regular production coils to $17 to keep up with inflation, and jumbos will increase to $28 per pack so order your coils now, before that price jumps! You can find our full stock here! If you have a local shop near you that may be interested in placing wholesale orders, please let them know about this change so they can get their orders in before that increase as well.

Thanks for bearing with us, folks! Let us know if you've got any questions.

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