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Do you want to teach magic? Check out this Special Magic Explorers Deal!

You may not know this about me, but one of my biggest passions right now is teaching kids magic. I've spent a lot of time and money on making it so I can teach some truly incredible magic (paired with vital life skills) to kids across the nation. I have some exciting news... now you can do that, too!

If you're interested in teaching magic classes, the curriculum I work with has extended an amazing deal!! You can become a certified presenter A FULL YEAR before it is released to the public when they find out the mustache sent ya!! Check out this video for more information on the Magic Explorers Program!

But that's not all!!! If you use the code "john" at checkout, you can save 20%!!

This offer is only going to last a week and I couldn't be happier to partner up with Magic Explorers!! If you have any questions... DON'T WAIT!! Message me! Call me! Heck, send a carrier pigeon!!! But don't miss out if you think this would be good for you!

I hope you are all doing awesome!!!


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