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Cresey Made An Appearance: Abbott's Magic Get Together!

Hey there friends, family, and fellow funny folk!

Last weekend, I met up with Dave Cresey at the 85th Abbott's Magic Get Together, and we set up a booth in the dealer's room! It was the first time in over a decade that Dave had manned the booth... and also the first time I've EVER run out of mouth coils at a convention, at least one where I was working!

Heads up: we are starting a lecture deal! If you know of any conventions nearby, give me a buzz and we can set up a lecture for you. If you book us for a lecture, we will set up in your dealer's room too!

Abbott's was such a great experience this year. We can't wait to come back!

Psst... there are some behind-the-scenes features that will be coming out on my TikTok account soon! Follow me at @mustacheonthemove to be notified when I post it!

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