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At Cresey, we pride ourselves on our high-quality, professional grade magic supplies that create astonishing performances and a dedication to our work that you can feel in every coil, streamer, and snowstorm you use. That's why we offer our bulk and wholesale options! 


If you've got a magic store, you can order almost all of our products in bulk or wholesale and have them shipped directly to you. These products have a million uses, and you can teach your customers a few that will have them making magic in no time! 


If you buy 24 of any single item, you qualify for our wholesale discount! That's 40% off retail price. You can also receive 40% off for any combination of 72 items. 


We'd love to talk to you more about the wholesale deals! Make sure to reach out to us... we have enough inventory to offer most of our products in bulk and wholesale for all your bulk and wholesale needs. 

Have questions? Contact us or send us an email at

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