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The ultimate snowstorm is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet plays large enough to fill even the biggest stage. 

Tear up a piece of tissue and immerse it in water. Squeezing the soggy pieces to remove excess water you flick open a folding fan and propel a snow storm of magically Dry confetti into the air filling the entire stage!

These are the original “snow storm in China” gimmicks first brought to market by Larry Maples and Raven in 1988. David Cresey products has been producing and distributing them for the past 20 years. Each box is handmade in the USA by staff, contains one dozen gimmicks and printed routine. Each package contains approximately 3000 flakes. 

Color: classic white. 

White Ultimate Snowstorm


  • All Cresey Products come with a 30 day Money back Guarantee.  Return the unused and unopened package for a  refund minus the shipping.

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