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This is an awesome effect for close up! 

A spectator selects a card from the deck. They memorize their card, show it to their friends, and place it back in the deck, shuffling it afterward. You take the deck of cards along with the box and put the entire deck back in. Reaching into the box, you begin to pull out their card, but not all at once! You only pull out the colors that are on their card. First white, then black, then red, then a mix of colors, then white again…finally revealing their card. Oh NO! You seem to have pulled too hard and there is no longer any color or picture on their card. The only markings that remain are the pips in the corners of the card. They get to keep the colors since that is “their card” and you can keep the blank card.

Includes 12 specially made coils and a  custom Queen of clubs with only the indexes left!

Card to Coil

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