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Kids Entertainer Fest is BACK!!! and I may be doing something CRAZY...

In case you missed it last year, Kids entertainer fest is back and the lineup this year is OFF the HOOK!!!! And it's only 2 DAYS AWAY!!!

This is a 100% online conference for family and children's entertainers that my friend Buster Balloon has put together. The sessions will be recorded and available for a short while after the event is over, but I encourage you to block off some time and attend during the event itself.... it is THAT good.

Going to industry events is often super challenging, since you have to pay to get there, the hotel, the meals, the conference itself, and of course you always want to buy the latest and greatest new prop or book... but the there is also the cost of the lost work... that can really cut into our business growth.

Online conferences don't offer the Live camaraderie that you get from in-person events... but they sure do offer MASSIVE savings, and this conference is allowing us to have an incredibly diverse mix of teachers as well as attendees.

Head over and reserve a ticket before they are all gone and tell 'em the mustache sent cha!! See you all there I hope.

Now.... the Crazy thing I am doing for this conference. And ONLY this conference as of now. I have decided to offer for the community that supports each other, a chance to have your own BRANDED Production coils!!

You can resell them in your online store, in your brick and mortar shop or after your shows as back-of-room sales. or even GIVE them away as an awesome magic trick for the birthday kid.

I'll be offering more info on the KEF Facebook group page during the conference. But if this is something interesting to you... don't wait... this is a LIMITED offer!

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