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Bits and Pieces Lecture: Don't Miss It!

Have any plans for March 3rd?

If not, now you do! On 3/3/23, I'll be giving my "Bits and Pieces" lecture in Binghamton, NY. You can learn the secret to creating the classic Cresey mouth coil, as well as a bunch of other valuable performing tips! You'll hear how to build a good connection with your audience, why magic matters, and how to move past the tricks and into the *real* magic!

This isn't an option to the general public very often, so don't miss this one-night chance! The lecture will be open to all magicians and related variety artists! And the best part: It's 100% FREE!

The lecture will take place in the Russell Room of Binghamton General Hospital at 8 pm... since it's a hospital, you'll need to wear a mask until you're in the room, and then they can come off and the fun can begin!

To learn more about the lecture, click here. For more updates on upcoming events, be sure to follow me on Instagram!

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