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Frequently Asked Questions

Hey You! If we don't answer your questions here, don't worry! Contact us or send us an email at

1) Do we ever do custom runs of our product line?

Yes, we do! The order must be paid in full before we begin preparing it. There is a $50 set-up fee, and you must order a minimum of 24 packs of the custom item.

2) What kinds of discounts can we get for buying in bulk?

If you buy 24 of any single item, you qualify for wholesale, which is 40% off the retail price. You can also mix and match any 72 items, and receive 40% off! These discounts cannot be combined with any otherwise discounted or clearance items which have already been reduced.

3) Do we offer international shipping?

 We offer international shipping on a case-by-case basis. Since rates are constantly changing, if you would like to place an international order please email with your address and the quantity you are looking for.


4) Why can’t I place my order on your website?

This could be for a number of reasons, but most likely we are either out of stock of the item you're looking for, or you are out of our shipping area. Either way, please feel free to email us to find out what we can do to help!


5) Can you do rush/overnight shipping?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is that if we are in the office we will do what we can (with an increased price to reflect the cost of express shipping).

6) Is your stuff really made by hand in the USA?

It really is. Every last Cresey product is made with love by our team right here on Long Island, New York.


7) How fast do you ship? 

We typically ship within 24 hours or the next business day!

8) Do I have to use mouth coils in my mouth?

Absolutely not! Check out my book “Shut Your Mouth”, with 10 ideas for what to do with a coil that doesn’t involve putting it in your mouth. For bonus content on mouth coils, including how to make them, how to use them, and some of my favorite routines, check out my lecture notes!


9) Why aren’t mouth coils flavored?

Dude. That’s just gross.


10) Is Dave Cresey your dad? 

I wish. Dave Cresey was a mentor and friend, and I couldn’t be prouder to carry on the Cresey legacy.


11) Can I reuse your items more than once?

In theory, you could use them as packing material… but no. Once a coil, streamer, or snowstorm has been performed, it has reached its peak performance level


12) I thought you went out of business a few years ago… What gives?

 We did. I turned the key in the lock and called it quits. For three years, we weren’t producing any new inventory. But, Justin stepped up to the plate and said, “Hey man we can’t let Dave down like that… can I give it a shot?” With lots of support and much discussion, we decided to reopen the business in a minimal capacity. It has been going well for us so far!


13) Do you drop ship? 

At this time we don’t. We are a very small business and just aren’t at the capacity to add that step in our systems at this time.


14) How can I find out more about new products and updates? 

Sign up for our newsletter here! We are always up to something new. 

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